KENZOHOMME NIGHT A story of seduction in the colours of the night, instinctive and full of energy for men who don’t take themselves seriously.

Patrick Guedj is the artistic director of KENZO Parfums. He is also a film director, photographer, writer and traveller. For over 10 years, he has left his singular, poetic and sensual mark upon the brand’s advertising campaigns.

Nicolas Baisin. A model and high-level athlete is a competitor who welcomes every challenge, including dancing. Kenzo chose him for his very particular brand of charm, a clever mix of spontaneity and confidence which makes him the perfect KENZO seducer.



An energizing magnetic fragrance, where virility and colour merge and mingle: a zesty grapefruit effect over a sexy Tonka bean and vetiver base. A bold creation that sets new codes of seduction, by Dominique Ropion.

Das Design

KENZO’s iconic bamboo shoot dresses in electric midnight blue, with a neon yellow logo for its name.


When it comes to seduction, there are 2 schools. On one hand, men dressed to the nines, totally confident, not a hair out of place, perfect lady-killers. And on the other. Spontaneous, playful men, a touch crazy, always ready to take uncalculated risks and lay themselves bare to seduce. Without question, the KENZO HOMME NIGHT man belongs to the second category.

His dance instructor was no less than Blanca Li… Exceptional dancer and choreographer, actress and stage director. A woman who can express her art through any kind of dance. A woman who likes to be seduced through humour, and who, for KENZO, got a man who is not a dancer to perform, under pouring rain.