Ginger Flower revitalization care



Removes makeup Makes the skin soft Cleans

In the evening, this fresh micellar water for face and eyes sweeps away any traces of make-up in one single move, and cleanses the skin in the morning when you jump out of bed. But not just. Its boosting formula combines the Ginger plant essence for its purifying and revitalizing action with Yuzu and its moisturizing properties. Not forgetting the energizing Ginger fragrance to cheer up skin and spirit. In the end, the skin is perfectly free from make-up and cleansed. It is clear and neat, supple and toned. Really amazing this water!

Better understanding

Ginger plant essence

Cultivated specially for KENZO in the Chinese province of Shangdong, Ginger grows in sandy plains. Naturally rich in mineral salts and essential oils, it helps to produce a healthy glow and radiance boost. The Ginger plant essence brings the virtues of this plant. Toned and revitalized, the skin looks renewed.

Yuzu extract

Native to China, Yuzu was traditionally used in Japan at the time of the Tang dynasty to combat skin dryness. To obtain its extract, the fruit is picked in October when it is most juicy. Yuzu extract helps to increase the water level in skin cells*. And the skin is properly moisturized. *in vitro test on ingredient

Gesture sensations

Apply this fresh transparent water with a cotton pad morning and evening to remove make-up and cleanse in one single gesture. Combined with its companion, the Amazing Exfoliating Water, the skin is thoroughly purified: no surface impurities or dead cells can resist. The skin looks renewed, luminous and radiantly fresh. A must-have tonic and enlivening skincare ritual for a vitaminized effect!