Ginger Flower revitalization care



Exfoliates Makes the skin soft Refines the skin texture Smoothes

A microbead-free exfoliator in water, that’s amazing! This water-based genius effectively rids the skin of impurities and dead cells in one cotton pad sweep, without aggressing it. The Lemon extract helps exfoliate. Emollient Ginger oil and soothing Licorice extract pamper the skin. As a bonus, the Ginger plant essence purifies and revitalizes it. Its texture and energizing scent give mist y mornings a real pick-me-up. No need to rinse, the skin texture looks refined and smooth. The complexion clarified and enlivened.

Better understanding

Ginger plant essence

Cultivated specially for KENZO in the Chinese province of Shangdong, Ginger grows in sandy plains. Naturally rich in mineral salts and essential oils, it helps to produce a healthy glow and radiance boost. The Ginger plant essence brings the virtues of this plant. Toned and revitalized, the skin looks renewed.

Lemon extract

Native to China and India, the Lemon has been cultivated since the Middle Ages for its many benefits. Its high Vitamin C content makes it an energizing fruit, most useful in winter. KENZO collects the extract by gentle maceration of its bark. This effective concentrate contained in the Amazing Exfoliating Water helps to shed dead cells. It contributes to improve skin radiance. For a fresh, revitalized face!

Ginger oil

Derived from the oily maceration of Ginger roots, Ginger oil has an invigorating and energizing effect, just like the plant from which it is extracted. The oily texture of this ingredient gives it emollient properties. It’s plus, plus, plus for the skin!

Licorice extract

Nicknamed Soft Wood, Licorice is a plant that grows on the Asian continent. Traditionally used in China and by Greek and Roman civilizations,the Licorice extract has soothing properties. Indeed, the Amazing Exfoliating Water clarifies the skin, but it also comforts it.

Gesture sensations

Sweep the face 2 to 3 times a week with a soft cotton pad to remove dead cells and impurities in one go. A gentle exfoliation thanks to a water which does not even need rinsing. In one stroke, the skin looks neat, soft, and spirits fly high!