Rice steam body care



Nourishes Perfumes Satin-finish

Cream against skin, soft against warm. An unexpected flurry of creamy milky notes, a steam rice fragrance that rouses sensuality. Plus a rich, melting texture. Tantalized, titillated, the body soon surrenders to the pleasure of being nourished, moisturized*, softened, scented, satinized. Thanks to a cocktail of seductive ingredients: belle de nuit (mirabilis jalapa) to moisturize* and soothe, cupuaçu butter to nourish and fig to soften. Boosted by rice plant water, 100% natural and extracted from the heart of the plant without the use of chemicals. The skin becomes pure temptation.

Better understanding

Rice plant water

Cultivated specially for Kenzo in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, the rice plants from which the plant water is extracted grow in the fertile and marshy soil of rice paddies. Naturally rich in mineral salts, essential oils and trace elements, rice plant water boosts the synthesis of cellular proteins*. *ingredients tested in vitro

Belle de nuit

Belle de nuit (mirabilis jalapa): the extract derived from its seeds has a moisturizing* as well as a soothing action. Native to Peru, this flower has a particular aura: beautiful, subtly scented and only opening at nightfall, it is said to have aphrodisiac properties.* *test in vitro


Fig: native to Minor Asia, the fig tree now grows wild throughout the Mediterranean region. Its high pectin content lends it moisturizing, softening and soothing properties.* *test in vitro

Gesture sensations

Apply to bare skin delicate movements.