Bare Body Powder-Oil

Rice steam body care


Bare Body Powder-Oil

Catches the light Makes the skin soft Moisturizes Illuminates

Amazing feel on bare skin. Sensually scented velvety texture. Unique combination of oil and fine cashmere-soft powder. Delightful surprise, no greasy finish on the skin. No sooner applied than you are ready to dress. But the best is yet to come: it conceals mother-of-pearl micro-particles that capture and reflect the light… ideal to fashion a body to die for.

Better understanding

Rice steam plant essence

The Rice used in this plant essence is cultivated specially for KENZO in China. For a long time, maikos, who are apprentice geishas, have indulged in its benefits to refine and soften their skin texture. Its plant essence has all the virtues of Rice and acts like a real nourishing and softening concentrate. The skin is resolutely irresistible.

Cotton oil

Used in food, textile and medicines, the wild Cotton plant has many properties. Its fruits, called capsules, contain seeds that are collected to produce Cotton oil. Rich in polysaccharides, it has a softening action. The body is wrapped in a cotton wool veil of softness.

Hibiscus and Peony extracts

Grown for millennia, the Hibiscus flower contains a fruit whose extract helps to increase the water level in skin cells*. Grown in China since Antiquity, the Peony is also called « Queen of Flowers ». Symbol of beauty, this magnificent flower is traditionally used in China for its beneficial properties. One of them is its moisturizing action on the skin. A duo of flowers with enticing powers to leave the skin irresistibly soft and moisturized … * in vitro tests of ingredients

Gesture sensations

Shake the bottle well to mix the oil, powder and mother-of-pearl micro-particles into a smooth, irresistible texture. Use morning and/or evening to moisturize and enhance skin. Dab a little oil in the palm of your hand and apply to the areas that need pampering. Ultra-melting, it becomes one with the skin and leaves a delicately scented satiny veil. To relax, massage yourself or be massaged… Apply on your own, or not...