Cosmic Night Cream

white lotus hydration/radiance care


Cosmic Night Cream

Illuminates Repairs Rests features

Velvety cream which lulls the skin with a relaxing caress. It repairs, softens, illuminates. In the morning, the skin is soft, the complexion fresh and glowing.

Better understanding

White Lotus plant water

The white lotus from which the plant water is extracted is cultivated specially for KENZO in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. Naturally rich in mineral salts, essential oils and trace elements, white lotus plant water reduces the release of a neurotransmitter directly involved in the hyper-reactivity of sensitive skins, thereby emphasizing the soothing action of this water*. * in vitro test

Maca extract

Native to the high plateaux of Peru, Maca is renowned for its enhancing action on the complexion’s radiance and luminosity.


Obtained from the flowers of the shrub, the hawthorn extract or “white thorn” is known for its anti-oxidant properties*. * in vitro test

Gesture sensations

When night falls, apply a thin layer of the cream on face and neck in a thin layer, with light delicate strokes.