Cream with a sheen

white lotus hydration/radiance care


Cream with a sheen

Refines the skin texture Illuminates Unifies

Velvety cream which boosts the complexion’s luminosity, evens out irregularities and refines the skin texture for an irresistible healthy glow. Not forgetting light reflectors for instant radiance. Lovely glints, rosy cheeks and fresh complexion. More beautiful than ever!

Better understanding

White Lotus active plant essence

The white Lotus is specially cultivated for Kenzo in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. This mythical flower naturally knows how to protect itself from external aggressions. Its 100% vegetal active plant essenceTM concentrates the plant’s soothing and anti-oxidant power of White Lotus and wraps the skin in a protective bubble*. * ingredients tested in vitro

Pink peony

The peony extract helps deeply illuminate and unify the complexion. The skin is radiant.


This red algae lives in the rocks along seashores. Its remarkable content in proteins, vitamins A and B12 give it an incredible resilience. In this cream, it boosts the microcirculation and tones the skin for an irresistible healthy glow effect*. * ingredients tested in vitro

Gesture sensations

In the morning, apply the cream on perfectly cleansed face and neck. No need for more.