Dream night mask

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Dream night mask

Illuminates Smoothes Firms up Regenerates Plumps up

BELLE DE JOUR Dream Night Mask combines the White Lotus Alchemy with a rare and precious ingredient, Belle de Nuit, to help revitalize the skin at night, like in a dream, and look radiant in the morning, as if replenished and regenerated from the inside, with a fresh luminous complexion and visibly smoothed facial features. To be a real Belle de Jour! Plus the divine and highly addictive feel of an opalescent, snowy and melting pink texture, that lies low on application to make way for caresses… Didn’t we say dream night…

Better understanding


Belle de Nuit, a rare and delicate flower, owes its name to the fact that it opens at dusk. It contributes to reducing the harmful effects of UVs and external aggressions, thereby helping the skin to revitalize*. * in vitro tests of ingredients


Pleasure is a source of beauty. Being happy and enjoying your daily face care makes you beautiful. BELLE DE JOUR Dream Night Mask allows the skin to develop its receptiveness to caresses, night after night. Lulled by its soft White Lotus fragrance, the skin is pampered. A first step inside the BELLE DE JOUR bubble…


BELLE DE JOUR Dream Night Mask helps the skin recover a state of relaxation as if to reinforce its resistance during the day to the many forms of aggressions which alter its optimal function. The skin is comfortable, moisturized, facial features look relaxed.


The skin makes the most of the new source of vitality provided by BELLE DE JOUR Dream Night Mask. It can fully devote itself to its optimal function and revitalization. The skin is smoother, more luminous, simply radiant. * in vitro tests of ingredients

Gesture sensations

Apply a thin layer in the evening, 2 to 3 times a week. No sooner applied, no sooner absorbed, this featherlight mask becomes imperceptible. Can also be used as a classic mask : Apply a thick layer. Enjoy the soft scent of the White Lotus. Let the texture delicately envelop the skin for 15 minutes, then remove any excess with a cotton pad steeped in lotion.