Fantastic Fluid

Belle de jour global anti-aging care


Fantastic Fluid

Illuminates Smoothes Firms up Regenerates

BELLE DE JOUR is the global anti-aging line of KENZOKI. BELLE DE JOUR Fantastic Fluid combines the White Lotus alchemy with a unique ingredient to act like a real skin metronome and resynchronize skin activity*. The skin is protected and looks revitalized, renewed, smooth, firm and luminous. Wrapped up in the soft caress of a divine texture scented with White Lotus. * ingredients tested in vitro

Better understanding

White Lotus alchemy

Legendary. The White Lotus is a unique flower. A flower of light. KENZO cultivates it in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. It is the right place, the only one. With its climate, the White Lotus can open up and flourish, beautiful and strong. Although outwardly gentle, it bursts with benefits. It is very relaxing. Extremely soothing. Highly concentrated in BELLE DE JOUR

The bubble effect

BELLE DE JOUR Fantastic Fluid helps the skin recover a state of relaxation. It is soothed, replenished, facial features seem rested. Furthermore, the proven anti-free radical action of BELLE DE JOUR Fantastic Fluid helps regain a healthy-looking glow.

The pleasure effect

Pleasure is a source of beauty. Being happy and enjoying your daily face care makes you beautiful. Lulled by its soft White Lotus fragrance, the skin feels pampered. A first step inside the BELLE DE JOUR bubble…

Gesture sensations

Every morning and evening apply a few drops of the BELLE DE JOUR White Lotus Serum for a revitalizing boost before sweeping BELLE DE JOUR Fantastic Fluid over the whole face, not forgetting BELLE DE JOUR Angel Eyes to light up the eye zone. Once or twice a week, treat yourself to the BELLE DE JOUR White Lotus Mask for intense repair. Beauty tip: When the skin suffers from the cold, use the BELLE DE JOUR for a Face in Heaven Cream alternately with BELLE DE JOUR Fantastic Fluid.