Gentle Cleansing Lotus Mousse

white lotus hydration/radiance care


Gentle Cleansing Lotus Mousse

Soothes Makes the skin soft Cleans

Simply press down with your finger and the immaculate smooth foam magically appears in your palm. Then, apply to the face and neck, and delicately massage in. Enjoy the sensation of placing your fingertips on air cushions… During the cleansing routine, the active ingredients from this soothing formula work in harmony to thoroughly cleanse all skin types and eliminate traces of foundation and impurities: antioxidant and soothing* White Lotus active plant essence™ and hydration preserving Camelina oil. Skin is soft and luminous, perfectly supple and cleansed. *in vitro test

Better understanding

White Lotus active plant essence™

White Lotus is specially cultivated for KENZO in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. This legendary flower is able to naturally protect itself from external stress factors. Its 100% botanical active plant essence™ contains a high concentrate of the soothing and antioxidant properties of White Lotus, enveloping the skin in a protective bubble*.

Camelina oil

Native to the Asian steppes, Camelina seeds produce soothing and protective oil, which helps maintain the skin’s hydrolipidic film and preserve it from dryness.

Gesture sensations

Use morning, evening or both. Shake well and dispense a dab of Lotus mousse in the palm of your hand. Massage into damp skin with fingertips. Rinse off with water, pat dry and then feel how soft your skin is. You are perfect!