Ice cold eye cream

Ginger Flower revitalization care


Ice cold eye cream

Illuminates Smoothes Rests features

Watch out eyes! Eskimo cream to show bags and dark circles the door and wake up the sleepiest eyes every morning. It can be kept in the fridge to optimize its enlivening and regenerating properties.

Better understanding

Ginger plant water

Cultivated specially for Kenzo in the Chinese province of Shangdong, the ginger from which the plant water is extracted grows in sandy plains. Naturally rich in mineral salts, essential oils and trace elements, Ginger plant water optimizes the healthy glow effect and radiance boost of certain products.


100% natural extract derived from oats, Osilift® is used for its smoothing and firming properties*. * in vitro test


Derived from biotechnical research, specially conceived for the fragile eye contour zone, Actiflow® reduces dark circles and eye-bags to stimulate the skin's microcirculation*. * in vitro test

Gesture sensations

In the morning, put a touch of ice-cold eye cream on the eyelids and under the eyes, and gently pat and smooth onto skin.