white lotus hydration/radiance care



Vanishes eye-bags and dark circles Moisturizes intensely

KENZOKI vous fait les yeux doux … Estomper poches et cernes d’une simple caresse ? Voilà une belle idée ! Le secret de ce soin audacieux : sa texture gel frais léger, qui comme des micro-gouttelettes d’eau concentrée hydrate à foison la zone fragile du contour de l’œil et défroisse les ridules de déshydratation instantanément. Le tout dans l’aura apaisante du Lotus blanc pour finir cette caresse en beauté.

Better understanding

White Lotus active plant essence™

White Lotus is specially cultivated for KENZO in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. This legendary flower is able to naturally protect itself from external stress factors. The 100% botanical active plant essence™ contains a high concentration of the soothing and antioxidant properties of White Lotus, enveloping the skin in a protective bubble*. * In vitro test of ingredients

Japanese Lily of the Valley

This plant is incredibly resistant to dryness as it retains water in its tubers. Japanese Lily of the Valley extract is widely recognized for boosting skin hydration. It also reinforces cohesion of upper epidermal layers and boosts the barrier function of the skin. It thus helps retain moisture in the skin by limiting transepidermal water loss.

Beech Bud extract

Beech bud extract significantly increases cell metabolism and reinforces the cell architecture. It gives this eye care its smoothing and hydrating properties.

Gesture sensations

Morning and/or evening. First of all, prepare the ritual: turn the applicator to ON, press lightly on the tube and there you go! The gel appears. Delightfully anticipate what is to come. With the ceramic pearl, start at the inner corner of the eye, gently massaging to the outer corner. Fresh and beneficial contact.