Melt-in moisturizing lotion

white lotus hydration/radiance care


Melt-in moisturizing lotion

Softens Soothes Moisturizes intensely

As light as summer rain yet as moisturizing as a cream! Tokyo It girls’ secret concentrated into a lotion for perfectly hydrated skin? The Melt-in Moisturizing Lotion is inspired by these beauty addicts’ skincare rituals. Barely brushed on the skin, this amazing lotion softly melts in and vanishes. Its fusing actives waste no time deeply moisturizing the skin. It diffuses water through your skin and traps it in the epidermis. The skin is hydrated, soothed, softened, ready for its next face care in the beauty routine. A real bath of freshness.

Better understanding

White Lotus active plant essence™

White Lotus is specially cultivated for KENZO in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. This legendary flower is able to naturally protect itself from external stress factors. The 100% botanical active plant essence™ contains a high concentration of the soothing and antioxidant properties of White Lotus, enveloping the skin in a protective bubble*. * In vitro test of ingredients

Japanese Lily of the Valley

This plant is incredibly resistant to dryness as it retains water in its tubers. Japanese Lily of the Valley extract is widely recognized for boosting skin hydration. It also reinforces cohesion of upper epidermal layers and boosts the barrier function of the skin. It thus helps retain moisture in the skin by limiting transepidermal water loss.

Camelia oil

Camelia oil helps improve the skin’s waterproofness to combat dehydration and retain moisture within the epidermis

Gesture sensations

Morning and evening, dab a small amount of lotion with the fingertips or a cotton pad on previously cleansed skin. Softly pat the face and neck, finish with gentle smoothing strokes. To use alone or before your favourite face care.