Milky-rice body scrub

Rice steam body care


Milky-rice body scrub

Softens Exfoliates Smoothes

Mmmm milky-rice. For the body. For beautiful, soft skin, every day. At the core of the formula is rice plant water . Extracted without the use of chemicals from the heart of the plant, it is rich in trace elements, mineral salts and essential oils. And there is more: rice wax, satinizing and softening, and rice powder, nourishing. Under the shower, milky-rice gently scrubs and rubs, and glides, from ankles to shoulders. Uncanny feel of the texture, mixed sensations. Subtle, tactile exfoliation. Then let warm water rain down on your body.

Better understanding

Rice plant water

Cultivated specially for Kenzo in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, the rice plants from which the plant water is extracted grow in the fertile and marshy soil of rice paddies. Naturally rich in mineral salts, essential oils and trace elements, rice plant water boosts the synthesis of cellular proteins*. *ingredients tested in vitro

Rice wax

In Japan, ancient beliefs testify of the mystical powers of rice and its use in numerous rites. Rich in fatty acids, rice wax has particularly interesting emollient and softening properties.

Rice powder

Rich in glucids and proteins, rice powder not only protects the skin but gives nourishing properties to this body scrub.

Gesture sensations

Apply lavishly on wet skin. Gently massage in with circular movements and rinse away. This body scrub can be used as often as the mood takes you.