Moisturizing Skin Guardian Serum

white lotus hydration/radiance care


Moisturizing Skin Guardian Serum

Moisturizes Rafraichit Plumps up

This melting sorbet-like gel serum makes the skin shiver with pleasure and guarantees 30 hours* of hydration. Its super-skilled ingredients combine to provide a triple action. Wild Pansy restores the skin’s water reserves and boosts natural hydration mechanisms, Japanese Lily of the Valley maintains water in skin cells**. On top of it all, the soothing power of the White Lotus active plant essence that also protects from free radicals**. Plumped up and springy, the skin looks fresh and peppy for hours. * corneometry test conducted with 10 volunteers. ** in vitro tests of ingredients

Better understanding

White Lotus active plant essence

The White Lotus is specially cultivated for Kenzo in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. This legendary flower knows how to naturally protect itself from external aggressions. Its active plant essence drawn from the plant concentrates the soothing power of the White Lotus which fends off free radicals* and thereby wraps the skin in a protective bubble. *in vitro tests of ingredients

Wild Pansy

The Wild Pansy extract improves hydration on two levels: it increases the production of aquaporins, which facilitate water transport in the skin. It also stimulates the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid, thereby multiplying the water level in skin cells*! *in vitro tests of ingredients

Japanese Lily of the Valley

This plant survives the dry weather by capturing water in its bulbous roots. The Japanese Lily of the Valley extract reinforces the cohesion of the skin’s upper layers and helps restructure the skin barrier function*. Lastly, it maintains hydration, thereby limiting transepidermal water loss. *in vitro tests of ingredients

Gesture sensations

Sweep a small amount of fresh icy blue serum on face and neck, then apply the Moisturizing Skin Guardian cream for boosted hydration.