Sensual hands balm

Rice steam body care


Sensual hands balm

Moisturizes Nourishes Protects

Hands longing for softness should always have this unctuous balm within reach. By chance, nestled in its small tube, it goes wherever you go. And distils its goodness any time: it nourishes and protects the skin from the cold and external aggressions. As soon as it is applied, the balm disappears in the skin. But it has worked its wonders: your hands smooth as silk, soft to the touch and sensually scented. A call for caresses…

Better understanding

Rice active plant essence™

The rice active plant essenceTM has all the virtues of rice and acts like a real nourishing and softening concentrate.

Shorea butter

Obtained from the seeds of the Shorea tree, widespread in Asia, it nourishes, softens and protects the skin from dryness.


Present in the icy waters of Antarctica, this micro-organism of the extreme produces a protein that protects from the cold. It slows down dehydration and helps protect hands from the cold weather.

Gesture sensations

Warm up a small amount of balm in your palms and gently smooth on the back and inside of your hands to sensually nourish and perfume them.