Ginger Flower revitalization care



Illuminates Smoothes Plumps up

About time they invented a quick roll-on mask to chase away tiredness and dull complexion! Its roll-on metal tip is always ready, always fresh, dispensing just the right amount of invigorating texture and providing an irresistible massage for your face and eye contour. No, you're not dreaming: it really does. And, as a bonus, its fragrance is a real morale booster. Bye-bye blues and hello brightness!

Better understanding

Ginger plant essence

Harvested in China for KENZO, Ginger grows on sandy plains. Its plant water has an unsuspected balance of mineral salts and essential elements. Combined with targeted ingredients, Ginger plant water gives rise to a toning and revitalizing Ginger plant essence, which contributes to the healthy glow provided by the formula.

Multi-mineral cocktail

Zinc, Copper, Magnesium. This chrono-energizing mineral trio has recognized stimulating properties that give a boost to tired skin over time.

Gesture sensations

Roll it on in the morning to wake up sleepylooking faces and eyes, or use it as a touch-up in the evening before you go out. Turn the tip to the right on the ON position before application. Slowly glide the metal applicator over your face and around your eyes and spread the mask in a thin or thicker layer, as you prefer. Delicious sensation of freshness! Breathe in deeply and feel your mood brighten in no time. That's it. Next, you can choose whether you want to rinse off its extralight, non-sticky texture or let it absorb quickly into your skin. Replace the tip on the OFF position after use. Keep the mask in your refrigerator for even more freshness, and optimize its invigorating, revitalizing properties.