Whitening cocooning cream

Plum Blossom whitening care


Whitening cocooning cream

Softens Lightens Moisturizes Unifies

More than a cream, a cotton-soft caress. Enveloped in this cosy coat, the skin is moisturized, more supple, softer, so soft. It shines with new light and translucence, and asks for more!

Better understanding

Whitening plum essence

It acts at every stage of the process of skin pigmentation*. It regulates melanin synthesis. It limits melanin transfer to surface cells, preventing the appearance of dark spots. Lastly, it stimulates cellular renewal, by encouraging the elimination of pigmented cells. *in vitro test

Sunflower extract

The phenomenon of glycation increases with age and results in loss of suppleness and skin yellowing. By neutralizing glycation reactions*, the Sunflower extract helps preserve the complexion's radiance and the quality of the skin. * in vitro test.

Huang Qin

Used in the Chinese pharmacopeia, Huang Quin is a perennial plant. This powerful anti-free radical agent* intensely protects the skin and prevents the loss of radiance and evenness due to external aggressions. * in vitro test

Gesture sensations

Apply the cream in gentle strokes.