The delicacy and strength of a flower that will rise and shine wherever it pleases. Isn’t the poppy a beautiful flower to celebrate mothers? So happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world. #KENZO #KENZOParfums #MothersDay
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Bashô, Japanese poet of the 17th century, was probably the most famous poet of his time and still until this day, his words continue to touch our hearts deeply. #KENZOParfums #FLOWERBYKENZO
“A floral musk wrapped in a woody and fresh flow. Rose blended down in a lightness evoking a sheer petal, the innocence of a flower about to bloom.” Alberto Morillas, Master Parfumer and creator of FLOWER BY KENZO. More on the link in bio. #KENZOParfums #FLOWERBYKENZO #TheLuminousPoppy
Give in to the brightest poppy and its enveloping trail, FLOWER BY KENZO New Eau de Toilette. #KENZOParfums #FLOWERBYKENZO #TheLuminousPoppy
As its delicate warmth starts enveloping us, blossom after blossom, petal after petal, let's welcome Spring and all the luminous surprises it brings. We have much we want to share with you all. Feel like taking a guess? #KENZO #KENZOParfums #ASpringWithKENZO #SpringDay