KENZOKI, skincare inspired by the QI philosophy.
In Sino-Japanese culture, QI is a flow of energy that circulates through our body and within nature. Its harmonious circulation indicates a reconciliation of body and mind.

Inspired by the philosophy of QI, KENZOKI helps to restore hydration, youth and nourishing “flows”, the skin’s various natural mechanisms, in order to make it more beautiful.

KENZOKI spent 20 years studying the beauty secrets of a powerful ingredient: the Sacred Lotus Flower, symbol of harmony and purity in Asia. KENZOKI skincare products represent a constant effort to combine effectiveness and sensory experience, to take care of your skin while enchanting your senses. Their sensory textures with delicate fragrances developed by master perfumers and a new technique based on acupressure points promise to make every application an exceptional experience.
KENZOKI is the Sacred Lotus expertise, the sensoriality, and has also commitment as starting point of each of the products.


"While the stem of the sacred lotus takes root in muddy waters, its leaves flowers blossom in the clouds.".

For 20 years, KENZOKI has been studying the power of Sacred Lotus, a symbol of harmony, purity and resurrection in Asia. Sacred Lotus, an exceptionally resilient, legendary flower that is said to never fade or age. It can survive in the most extreme conditions and flower again after a long period of dormancy.

Its secret is most likely its seed, an example of longevity in the plant world. Did you know that a team of UCLA researchers managed to germinate a seed that was around 1,300 years old?
The quintessence of beauty and longevity. Placing the Sacred Lotus Flower at the heart its creations, KENZOKI encapsulates its beauty secrets and distils its power to sublimate all skin.


Between May and October, the Sacred Lotus Flower is cultivated along the Mékong river, on the Vientiane Plain in Laos, as part of an exclusive partnership with Kenzo. In the early hours of the morning or at the end of the day, each Sacred Lotus Flower is picked by hand at just the right stage of flowering, without losing a petal or touching the water, to preserve all of its qualities and encapsulate them in two natural extracts.

To capture the best from this flower, two specific extraction processes are used to target skin benefits and support the skin’s natural mechanisms. The two extractions are realized with natural origin solvents.

Sacred Lotus Flower Water Extract is obtained by extraction with a natural origin hydroglycolic solvent allowing the extraction of flavonoids, molecules known in particular for their anti-free radical properties.

Sacred Lotus Flower Oily Extract is obtained by extraction with a natural origin oily solvent allowing the extraction of phytosterols. Sterols being molecules which constitute the epidermis’ lipid matrix.

These extracts are incorporated into our formulas to provide their benefits from first contact with the skin.


Kenzoki is committed to making the world and your skin more beautiful. Formulas composed of at least 90%* natural origin ingredients and which meet very strict formulation specifications to respect all skins. Textures and perfumes which makes you feel good, and bring a sense of well-being at each application. The emotions experienced upon application have been tested** in the same way as the benefits that each formula offers the skin.
*Based on ISO 16128 standard. The remaining % play a role in the formula’s integrity and sensory appeal.
**Manikin and Emocards self-assessment tests


In an effort to continually reduce our environmental impact, we started to introduce recycled plastic on some parts of our packaging. As a result, some elements might not be immaculately white, but have a few black spots. This has no impact on the integrity of the products. Recycled plastic represents 20% of the plastic used by Kenzoki and allows us to reduce use of fossil-based plastics* by 5.2 tonnes.

The packaging is made from cardboard composed of fibres from well-managed forests and other controlled FSC™-certified sources and is printed with biosourced ink. We have also adjusted the packaging size, removing corrugated paper fillers, notices and cellophane wrap. These different optimizations help us save 1.8 tons** of paper use.

*Volumes produced for June to December 2021 ** vs. the previous Kenzoki packaging



Kenzoki is also committed to its Sacred Lotus Flower chain. We have chosen to harvest all the flowers from a unique supplier, to which we have made a long-term commitment to develop and improve the chain.

KENZO is committed to carry out an assessment of its Sacred Lotus chain in order to determine its positive impact on biodiversity and local populations and identify potential improvements. This assessment is performed by the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), a non-profit association which is internationally renowned for its standard which defines practices for ethical sourcing of ingredients from biodiversity. The association has made it its mission to help nature to regenerate, to ensure a better future for the planet and its inhabitants. Kenzo Parfums became a member in 2021.

As a complement to this assessment and after discussions with our partner, we decided to finance and build a platform on stilts to protect workers and the flowers once harvested, during the rainy season.