Angel eyes

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Angel eyes

Vanishes eye-bags and dark circles Fades wrinkles and tine lines Illuminates Regenerates

BELLE DE JOUR Angel Eyes helps the skin regain its natural optimal function. It protects the eye contour from daily aggressions and add new sparkle. Eyes look relaxed, rested. Serene. Dark circles and eye-bags vanish, the eye contour brightens. For angel eyes.

Better understanding

White Lotus alchemy

Legendary. The White Lotus is a unique flower. A flower of light. Kenzo cultivates it in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. It is the right place, the only one. With its climate, the white lotus can open up and flourish, beautiful and strong. Although outwardly gentle, it bursts with benefits. It is very relaxing. Extremely soothing. Highly concentrated in BELLE DE JOUR.

The bubble effect

The eye contour is a specially sensitive and fragile zone, constantly under duress. It readily reflects tiredness, worries and stress. From outside. From inside. BELLE DE JOUR angel eyes preserves the skin, envelops it in a bubble that renews its natural, optimal function. The eye contour is soothed and protected.

The pleasure effect

Pleasure is a source of beauty. Being happy and enjoying your daily face care makes you beautiful. Applying BELLE DE JOUR angel eyes with a brush is a real sensory experience. Its rich, velvety texture and soft, powdery fragrance arouse the senses. Ready to step inside the BELLE DE JOUR bubble...

Gesture sensations

Put a dab of BELLE DE JOUR angel eyes on the tip of the brush and gently apply under the eyes. Brush outwards, smooth on as much as you please. Enjoy the feel of the soft White Lotus caress. Repeat on the eyelids. At your own pace. Angel eyes in the mirror. Morning and evening.