In 2013, Kenzo has a new dream for its emblematic flower. What if the poppy previously planted in the city, could now rise into the air? It would blossom the sky...

Patrick Guedj

Patrick Guedj is the artistic director of KENZO Parfums. He is also a film director, photographer, writer and traveller. For over 10 years, he has left his singular, poetic and sensual mark upon the brand’s advertising campaigns.

Shu Qi

Shu Qi is one of Asia’s prettiest, most talented and most versatile actresses of the new millennium. She has gained her international reputation through various film releases such as “So Close,” “Millennium Mambo,” “Transporter,” and “Three times.” She has also received many prestigious film awards such as the Golden Horse Best Actress Award in Taiwan. Shu Qi was honored to be one of the jury members at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival and 2009 Cannes Film Festival.




A new fragrance creation inspired by a featherlight poppy: an exceptional floral. At its heart is the quintessence of flowers - dazzling rose, magnolia, gardenia - which unfurl in an ultra-feminine, fresh breeze. Punctuated by raspberry and pink pepper, softened by white musk.

The design

A new design created by Serge Mansau. 13 years after FlowerbyKenzo and its original design, Serge Mansau creates the new FLOWER IN THE AIR bottle. A breakaway design, a new outlook on the story of the poppy in the city. The aerial stemless poppy, seen from above, is delicately resting on the transparent bottle.


the new KENZO dream blossom the sky free poppy perfume of an aerial flower for a beautiful world