Feminine, sensual, captivating Louise Bourgoin, the Queen of Heart, the new Kenzo seductress

Patrick Guedj

Patrick Guedj is the artistic director of KENZO Parfums. He is also a film director, photographer, writer and traveller. For over 10 years, he has left his singular, poetic and sensual mark upon the brand’s advertising campaigns.

[The actress Louise Bourgoin.] [Play along.] Who other than the french actress Louise Bourgoin could embody this new game of love from Kenzo? Her funny, offbeat personality, French touch and disarming sense of self-derison make her the ideal player for KENZO’s new fragrance for women.



[All the better to play him at his own game.] The essence of femininity, a concentrate of sensuality, this gourmand floral fragrance explores all the facets of the game of love. Tea, Mandarin and Pomegranate set the mood, Tuberose and Freesia sign an ultra-feminine floral heart over a sensual base of Sandalwood and Musks.

The design

[Be bold and dare to remain the object of his desire.] A new declaration of sensuality created by the designer Karim Rashid. Red, generous, juicy and tempting lips. Belonging to Louise Bourgoin!


[Reinvent love.] Play, Smile, Seduce, Seduce again, Provoke, Surprise… Love is a gamble. Seduction, a game of cards… Never being where he expects you. All the better to charm him.

[Keep an ace up your sleeve.] A table for two, dimmed lighting, the sound of cards being laid down… Glances are exchanged, a smile suppressed to better give the impression that you’re bluffing. She’s the Queen of Hearts. He’s the Top Ace. The game can begin. A new JEU d’AMOUR from KENZO.