KENZOPARFUMDETE visuel campagne mood



Flowers, foliage, for a light, luminous and sensual fragrance. The crisp Lily of the Valley leaf leads the way to a floral heart of Peony, Jasmine, Hyacinth, over a tender base of Sandalwood and White Musks. Created by Antoine Lie, based on an idea from Jean Claude Delville.

The design

A leaf. Simple, limpid, streamlined. Resting upon its side, it catches and reflects the sunlight, like a piece of summer. The glass flows randomly in natural and poetic curves, giving each bottle a unique personality.


I watch summer blow a soft breeze upon a leaf. Lying in the grass, I dream of taking it in my hands. I feel good. KENZO shares its light-hearted vision of life and puts summer in a fragrance.