White Blossom Delicate UV Shield SPF 50 - PA +++

Plum Blossom whitening care


White Blossom Delicate UV Shield SPF 50 - PA +++

Lightens Illuminates Protects Unifies

Every day, when it is exposed to the outside world, the skin needs close-in protection. The White Blossom delicate UV shield SPF 50 - PA +++ is as attractive as can be: its delicate rosy texture melts into the skin and wraps it in an invisible shield. And as effective too: this resourceful protection expert fends off UVB (thanks to its SPF 50) and UVA rays (thanks to its PA +++), and also protects against free radicals and ambient pollution which insidiously attack the skin. Nicely sheltered, the face is instantly illuminated, unified and protected.

Better understanding

Whitening plum essence

It acts at every stage of the skin’s pigmentation process* to: 1/ Prevent pigment production. 2/ Regulate melanin synthesis in pigmentation cells. 3/ Block by limiting melanin transfer toward surface cells and the appearance of dark spots. 4/ Eliminate pigmented cells by activating cellular renewal and natural exfoliation. * in vitro tests of ingredients.

Sunflower extract

By inhibiting glycation* reactions, responsible for loss of suppleness and yellowing skin, Sunflower extract helps to preserve the skin’s natural radiance and quality. * in vitro tests of ingredients.

Huang Qin and Moringa

Huang Qin is a powerful anti-free radical agent* that helps to intensely protect the skin and prevent loss of radiance and evenness due to external aggressions. Moringa helps to protect the skin from environmental pollution*, thereby preventing the induction of free radicals that dull the complexion. * in vitro tests of ingredients.

Gesture sensations

The White Blossom Delicate UV Shield SPF 50 - PA +++ is the perfect finishing touch to the KENZOKI whitening range: Start to prepare the skin by steeping it in a bath of hydration and radiance with the Whitening Cheering Lotion, indulge in an effective whitening concentrate with the Whitening Skilful Serum and envelop the skin in softness with the Whitening Cocooning Cream. Bright-looking face, even and luminous complexion, all you need is the White Blossom Delicate UV Shield SPF 50 - PA +++ for the day to be a resounding success.