KENZO Parfums wishes you a wonderful year 2022! We hope it will be filled with joy, dreams and flowers!​⁣ ⁣ ㅤ​⁣ #KENZOParfums #HappyNewYear2022
For a beautiful world, all our KENZO Parfums gift sets are made without plastic and are 100% recycled & recyclable!​⁣ ㅤ​⁣ #KENZOParfums #KENZOChristmas #FLOWERBYKENZO
International Men's Day reminds us of the vision we have of men, of how diverse men are.​ Men that look at the future with optimism, with the promise of nature in their heart, authentic, generous and respectful. All the values that we hold dear at KENZO Parfums and embodied by @orinhardy, founder of @bambooubali, because we believe they are the key for a beautiful world. ​ ​ ㅤ ㅤ #KENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZOHOMME #InternationalMensDay
Pick your new fragrance out of a luminous bouquet with the new FLOWER BY KENZO Eau de Toilette, or dive into a deep blue bamboo forest with the new KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense. ㅤ ㅤ #KENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZOHOMME #FLOWERBYKENZO
FLOWER BY KENZO and KENZO HOMME, a bright coral poppy and a deep blue bamboo… Two symbols of KENZO’s love for nature and poetry encasing our two newest fragrances. Let them become your own alter-egos. ㅤ ㅤ #KENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZOHOMME #FLOWERBYKENZO
New KENZO HOMME Eau De Toilette Intense: a unique, addictive, woody marine fragrance encased in a deep blue bamboo bottle.​ An ode to nature and poetry.​​ ㅤ​ ㅤ​ #KENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZOHOMME #ReconnectWithNature
"Bamboo is really about taking something beautiful from nature and embracing it for what it is and then building with it, using its strength and bending art design ideas to meet its capacity rather than forcing the material into a design idea that it may or may not be appropriate for." Orin Hardy​ ㅤ KENZO Parfums is committed to making the world a more beautiful place and proudly supports Orin Hardy’s @bambooubali project. Find out more in our link in bio.​ ㅤ #KENZO #KENZOParfums #ReconnectWithNature #WorldBambooDay #BambooUBali
KENZO x MUSÉE DU LOUVRE SUMMER 2021​ ​ㅤ In 2020, @kenzoparfums joined forces with the @museelouvre and became patron of the flowering of the Tuileries Garden. Large colorful flowerbeds will bloom to echo the museum’s exhibitions: a poetic approach dear to KENZO and its mission to make the world more beautiful. ​ ㅤ This summer blooming was designed by the art gardeners of the Domaine national du Louvre and the Tuileries, in connection with the themes addressed in the exhibition PARIS - ATHENS Birth of modern Greece 1675 - 1919 (Musée du Louvre, September 30, 2021 - February 7, 2022). They were inspired by the vivid colors of ancient Greek architecture and sculpture, which were rediscovered in the 19th century. A vegetal palette dominated by carmine red, ocher, punctuated with green and brown and dotted with white, contrasted with crimson red, orange and white. Dark coleus, petunias, dahlias, lupins, cosmos, tithonias, impatiens, cannas, vanilla Indian roses... So many beautiful flowers ready to be admired and make the world more beautiful.​ ㅤ #KENZOParfums #KENZOxLOUVRE #Louvre​ ​ㅤ © Musé́e du Louvre​ | Many thanks to the National Estate of the Musée du Louvre and Tuileries Garden.​
KENZO Parfums wishes you a wonderful year 2022! We hope it will be filled with joy, dreams and flowers!​⁣ ⁣ ㅤ​⁣ #KENZOParfums #HappyNewYear2022