Festive events

The city is our playground

With a sense of celebration and generosity of heart ... KENZO Parfums supports all spectacular, engaging and emotionally charged events. Physical and digital celebrations that invite each and every one of us to reconnect with our inner child and capacity for wonder. To see the world in a new light and enjoy its beauty, while the flowers bloom.

Summer Party, 2019
To celebrate summer, KENZO PARFUM organized a poppy party in Madrid. Guests came from all over the world to celebrate with us!
Photographies by ©Stanislas Liban.
Since 2016, KENZO PARFUMS has celebrated June 21
A party under the starry skies at place Dauphine, in the heart of Paris. One year later, under the stars in Berlin. The following year, a celebration in Rome… As the emotional power of music has been an integral part of KENZO since its inception, KENZO PARFUMS has celebrated the music festival and arrival of summer hosting a fabulous party for city dwellers every year since 2016. An urban scene in the midst of a poppy field, highlighting young musical groups sought out and selected by the KENZO PARFUMS community.
Poppy fields, 2001 – 2009
At the dawn of the new millennium, astonishing poppy fields suddenly sprung up through the asphalt of cities around the world. The square in front of Beaubourg. Moscow. Mexico. Brussels. Hong Kong. The omnipresent Flower by KENZO poppy blossoms everywhere in the city, making the world a more beautiful place, and writing nearly 10 years of nomadic history of beauty, sharing, harmony and peace.