KENZO JUNGLE for men. This aromatic mix has led to an ideal hybrid. The head note is the spreading warmth of maté, with balsam accents. The unexpected note is the tart quality of sweet lime. A chorus of nutmeg and musk mallow seeds form the spicy middle notes. Powerful, woody base notes dominate this composition with two cedars: the intense leather note of the Atlas cedar, and the fresh forest note of the Lebanon blue cedar. The sensuous Benzoin of Siam accentuates the vanilla undercurrent, and a hint of precious guaiac wood is smooth and marvelous. Created by Olivier Cresp.

The design

A bottle cut for the jungle. Sharp profile, curved silhouette, raw strength. In heavy glass, the jungle bottle is sanded with zebra stripes. The metal stopper is intensely graphic, black and white.


Kenzo parfums, parfum homme, kenzo jungle pour homme

The zebra in KENZO JUNGLE is fast and untamable. He longs for freedom and wide open spaces. A symbol of pure masculinity.