Kenzo story

Kenzo story

The world is beautiful… Kenzo's favourite motto has echoed through its creations for 20 years. A positive statement. A kind of crazy dream also that the brand pursues with a poetic and offbeat ootlook on the world.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon


Right from the start, they don't hesitate to shake up fashion habits and dream up new creative formulas to offer unprecedented energy, creativity and delight to the public.

Today, they are both captivated by the spirit of KENZO, which they consider to be a lifestyle in itself. The Parisian brand is instantly infused with the creative wealth of this duo, which aims to regenerate its spirit and energy.


FW 2013 Campaign Making Of

Patrick Guedj


Patrick Guedj has created all the advertising campaigns, photographs and films for KENZO Parfums since 2000.

Patrick Guedj’s artistic work takes us on a journey of senses and sensations. He develops his tactile, poetic, instinctive and rigorous approach with diverse creative means.

And Kenzo Takada created KENZO


« Another way to view fashion » (

Kenzo Takada settles in Paris and shakes up the world of fashion. His silhouettes are fluid, ample, colourful, full of prints, his models laugh and have fun on the catwalks. It's a first.