For a more respectful, united and ever more beautiful world.

KENZO Parfums

Traceability for a safer world

It’s fine to work with the most precious and noble raw materials. However, it is even better to demand their traceability and absence of substances that are potentially harmful to individuals and the environment. KENZO PARFUMS ensures environmentally-friendly and perfectly safe fragrances.

Respect for biodiversity to ensure a sustainable world

As biodiversity is both a source of raw materials and inspiration, KENZO PARFUMS guarantees its preservation from the earliest stages of brainstorming when working on a new creation. Certain raw materials used are derived from fair and sustainable supply chains, in partnership with local producers. To name a few, the Bulgarian Rose in FLOWER BY KENZO EAU DE PARFUM and the Orange Blossom in FLOWER BY KENZO EAU DE VIE come from these supply chains.

Innovation for a more responsible world

As natural resources are finite, KENZO PARFUMS aims to reduce its impact on the environment and preserve all resources related to its activity with a view to better managing the emissions of greenhouse gas, water and waste. Since the launch of MOISTURIZING LOTUS MASK, KENZOKI skincare no longer contains inserts: everything consumers need to know may be found directly on the packaging and by scanning the QR code. Life cycles and environmental impacts are taken into account, in compliance with the brand's quality standards. KENZO PARFUMS boxes are manufactured and produced in France, with optimized sizes for smarter and more conscious manufacturing. LVMH Fragrance Brands also work upstream with suppliers to seek out improvements that will reduce their environmental impact.

Dialogue for a fairer world

Suppliers, internal stakeholders, professional and corporate relationships... Given the brand's love of richness and diversity, KENZO PARFUMS communicates with its partners using a dialogue based on respect, ethics and clear commitments. All KENZO PARFUMS suppliers sign a code of ethics, showing that they are committed to complying with social and environmental standards.

Action for a changing world (moving in the right direction)

Social activist and lifestyle influencer, the Brand works closely with associations and organizations that help advance the world. In 2006, KENZO Parfums supported the 'Be For Peace' association, founded by Gabriella Wright, the face of KENZO Amour. This partnership led to the creation of a school in Mauritius for homeless children. With Every Mother Counts, an association founded by Christy Turlington Burns in 2010, Kenzo created the FLOWER WAVE. KENZO PARFUMS launched the participatory film called FLOWER WAVE, inviting people to film themselves with a poppy, creating the longest ever virtual chain of poppy “passers”. For each poppy passed, KENZO PARFUMS donates one dollar to the association.