Extraordinary sensations of a community of water addicts.


The fragrance

A bold immersion in a brand new formula: an exclusive essence of Mandarin, juicy and catchy, sets the tone with a burst of freshness. The green Blackcurrant bite sends a shock wave and hints at the surprise to come: a colorful flash! The ultra-crispy Raspberry Leaf adds a new vibration. An addictive and puzzling duo, a crazy and bewitching tandem, illuminated by the dazzling sensuality of Magnolia petals. A fresh floral scent, unusual and radiant.

The design

The shimmering hues of this very contemporary perfume infuse the very texture of the bottles: sea green for her, cobalt blue for him, to create two blocks of ultra-modern, innovative colors. Revealing them means defying the totem of the Hokusai Wave in its inverted pyramid, the alchemical symbol of water. The down-to-earth will go on their way, Water Addicts will see in it an irresistible invitation to further exalt the extraordinary sensations of water.


The vision of a water that transforms the ordinary into extra-ordinary. A magical water that reveals the world in another way.