Creamy cleansing cream

white lotus hydration/radiance care


Creamy cleansing cream

Soothes Removes makeup Moisturizes

A tender, voluptuous fingertip massage, like a silky caress upon your face…Creamy Cleansing Cream puts a smile on your face and pampers you to perfection. At the heart of its formula, the active plant essenceTM of White Lotus adds its anti-oxidants. Plus, a duo of comforting ingredients: Camelina oil, which helps preserve the skin’s moisture and a de-stressing Tephrosia extract*. Lastly, your skin feels delicately softened, moisturized and gently fragranced with the deeply relaxing scent of its White Lotus harmony. Suitable for all skins, and all eyes too. * in vitro test

Better understanding

White Lotus active plant essenceTM

The White Lotus is specially cultivated for Kenzo in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. This legendary flower knows how to naturally protect itself from external aggressions. Its active plant essenceTM drawn 100% from the plant concentrates the soothing and antioxidant power of the White Lotus and wraps the skin in a protective bubble*. * in vitro test of ingredient

Camelina oil

Native to the Asian steppes, the Camelina seeds produce a soothing and protective oil. This oil helps maintain the skin’s hydro-lipidic film and preserve the skin from dryness.

Tephrosia extract

The Tephrosia extract or “molecule of happiness” has a stimulating action on the secretion of beta-endorphins* known to induce feelings of well-being and relaxation. * in vitro test

Gesture sensations

Unwind. Dip your fingers in the jar and place a generous amount of cream on your face. Close your eyes and gently massage your skin with small circular movements. Savour the moment; bask in the velvet-soft touch. Then remove the cream with a cotton pad.