L’EAU KENZO is a burst of freshness with scents of flowers, fruits and leaves - a unique and colorful vision for water addicts from Maison KENZO. #KENZO #KENZOParfums #LEAUKENZO
KENZO Parfums, as patron for the 2nd year of The Tuileries Garden, worked with talented master gardeners of the @museelouvre to breath life into the virtuosity of the painter Nicolas de Largillierre, his precision and delicacy in the way he painted. A true mirror to the flamboyant and vibrant hues he used. To achieve this flowerbed of warm colors : red and amber gillyflowers, two-colored narcissi or « Scarlet Emperors » - amongst many others in elegantly named flowers - were used. Thousands of blooming flowers ready to be admired, making the world a more beautiful place. #KENZOParfums #KENZOxLouvre
For this second year of patronage of The Tuileries Garden, KENZO Parfums and the master gardeners of the National estate of the @museelouvre and Tuileries Garden brought to life paintings from "The Advent of the Artist" exhibition for this first Spring flowering. Inspired by the sweet “Motherly Tenderness” painting, the gardeners imagined a blue-grey and white flowerbed, echoing the gentleness of the pastel colors used for the portrait. Strollers will be able to marvel at the sight of the thousands of flowers of blossomed parterres all over the Tuileries Garden, from tulips to hyacinth or narcissi. Beautiful flowers, for a beautiful world.​ #KENZOParfums #KENZOxLOUVRE​ ​ © Musée du Louvre​ Many thanks to the National Estate of the Musée du Louvre and Tuileries Garden.
The delicacy and strength of a flower that will rise and shine wherever it pleases. Isn’t the poppy a beautiful flower to celebrate mothers? So happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world. #KENZO #KENZOParfums #MothersDay
FLOWER BY KENZO New Eau de Toilette Discover the new luminous poppy with a youthful spirit through the link in bio. #KENZOParfums #FLOWERBYKENZO #TheLuminousPoppy
Catch the sunlight and bloom freely wherever you are, just as our poppy. #KENZOParfums #FLOWERBYKENZO #TheLuminousPoppy
FLOWER BY KENZO New Eau de Toilette comes in a bouquet of 3 different sizes. Which one will be yours? Decide with the link in bio. #KENZOParfums #FLOWERBYKENZO #TheLuminousPoppy
FLOWER BY KENZO New Eau de Toilette, luminous pastel shades touched by light, for a bright fragrance. Discover the full experience in the link in bio. #KENZOParfums #FLOWERBYKENZO #TheLuminousPoppy
Bashô, Japanese poet of the 17th century, was probably the most famous poet of his time and still until this day, his words continue to touch our hearts deeply. #KENZOParfums #FLOWERBYKENZO